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The 99% lie

How companies use the 99% lie with EMF products and why it’s so important to use “higher screening materials”

Suppliers of EMF materials often stamp their products with a 80%-99% screening guarantee, this unfortunately tricks their customers into thinking the screening protection is extremely efficient… The opposite is often the case. This is a clear miss-representation in order for companies to make a quick sale using miss-leading sales pitches.

What does 99% mean in terms of EMF protection?

It is easier to explain the idea behind 99% screening by comparing the percentages with decibels. Decibels or dB for short is another way of representing the effective screening power of such materials and it uses a much more user friendly system for coming to terms with a more accurate understanding of EMF.

Electro-sensitives and others often get fooled by such propositions and end up spending a lot of money on products that seam not to work or in some cases make things worse!!

Below is an example of a table which demonstrates the use of decibels and percentages. The examples given are of noise pollution. This however can be compared to radiation.


dB(A) reading:


Screening example:

Jet plane


Hearing damage




Rockband, Disco



Souped-up car



Assumed common electrosmog exposure

Circular saw



10dB screening (90%)

High-traffic motorway, daytime


Hearing damage from 85dB

20dB screening (99%)

Main road, daytime


Circulatory diseases

30dB screening (99,9%)

Main road at night



40dB screening (99,99%)

Quiet residential area, daytime


Communication problems.

50dB screening (99,999%)

Quiet residential area at night


Issues with concentrating and learning

60dB screening (99,999.9%)

Ticking alarm clock


Sleeping disorders

70dB screening (99,999.99%)

Whispering leaves



80dB screening (99,999.999%)

Normal breathing


Very quiet

90dB screening (99,999.999.9%)



Unnoticable to 1dB(A)

100dB screening (99,999.999.99%)

As you can see from our example table, every additional 9 is really a 10 fold increase in screening power- THIS IS SUBSTANTIAL.

Therefore that means that a 10dB change is 10x more effective than the previous decibel as you can see from the table below.

10dB 90%
20dB 10x stronger than 10dB 99%
30dB 100x stronger than 10dB 99.9%
40dB 1000x stronger than 10dB 99.99%
50dB 10,000x stronger than 10dB 99.999%
60dB 100,000x stronger than 10dB 99.9999%
70dB 1,000,000x stronger than 10dB 99.99999%
80dB 10,000,000x stronger than 10dB 99.999999%
90dB 100,000,000x stronger than 10dB 99.9999999%
100dB 1,000,000,000x stronger than 10dB 99.99999999%

As you can see from the chart above there is significant differences in strength when dealing with percentages- however to an uneducated eye it seams unnoticeable.

The author purchased an expensive screening canopy with a strength of 95% (15dB). Tricked into thinking that the strength would be more than enough to hinder their bad sensitivities. Only to find out that it hardly blocked any RF frequencies and they were never informed of how to block ELF frequencies or the meaning of frequency range protection.

Frequency ranges on EMF materials

What’s even more disturbing is often only a percentage is given and no explanation of the frequency RANGES the particular product and it’s corresponding screening protection can actually protect from.

For example a product may have a screening property of 90% (10dB) or 99% (20dB), these low screening properties may correspond to a frequency range in the Megahertz (MHz) range or 1-2 Gigaheartz (Ghz). Considering many WIFI routers operate in higher frequency ranges purchasing a product with a protection range of up to 2GHz at 10dB would mean than it would not protect against higher frequencies. If you were trying to reduce WIFI signals in the 5GHz range or higher, the product would be in effect completely inadequate EVEN THOUGH it was advertised as a Radio-frequency reduction material.

Liiife are committed to providing efficient screening materials to all of our clients. You will find that all of our canopies and clothing ranges start at a minimum of 35dB strength and the bed canopies we sell are 50dB strength- According to the table above this is equivalent to a main road at late noon and a quiet residential area respectively. Compared with the noise of a circular saw at 10dB. It is clear which one you would prefer. You will also notice many of our frequency are much broader. Our 50dB Aaronia bed canopy is 50dB at 1GHz and 45dB at 10GHz. This is a very impressive range and the best on the market at the moment. Buying such a superior screening product can also be a future proof purchase asĀ  many new products are starting to use higher strength signals…


November 27, 2014
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