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Nutritional Balancing

That day in 2011 when I stumbled across Nutritional Balancing little did I know that it would not only transform my life, but thousands of others.

Nutritional Balancing or development science is not just a deep healing program, it’s also a human development program. It literally unlocks parts of our DNA that lay dormant.

In many ways it gives us an opportunity to fully embrace what it means to be human. It allows our soul to fully self-actualize itself. It removes what one may call ‘karma’ or ‘blocks to success’.

However, when I first began all I really cared about was healing myself…

I came to understand that much of today’s health issues is actually down to toxins and chemicals at the root level. Combine this with immense stress, worldwide radiation pollution, social breakdowns and more and you are left with a very broken human indeed.

The aim of nutritional balancing is to rebuild the human body in accordance with modern day challenges. It may sound odd, but the earth at this time is much different than what it was even 200 years ago. The radiation problem has increased by over 4 quadrillion times (yes you read that correctly), the toxin load of the Earth is immense and we live extremely busy and disconnected lives. All of this takes us away from our innate human nature and illness begins to take hold in many shapes and forms.

This gives rise to a unique human today, with unique problems which require unique solutions.

The beauty of nutritional balancing is that it works with these new found problems. Natural healing modalities that worked even 100 years ago just do not work too well today. It’s the secret to why not many things work and only a very few things do. The secret is understanding the balance of the Earth, because as above, so below…

In simple terms there is always a balance to everything, a positive and negative, a masculine energy and feminine energy or, yin and yang.

The problem we have today is most people’s bodies are too yin! This is in stark contrast to how our bodies have been in the past. Yin means cold, expanded, up in the head, chaotic and confused. It gives rise to body issues like fungal infections, viral infections, degenerative disease, nutrient deficiencies and more.

This is in contrast to a yang energy, which is more linear, hot, dense and relaxed.

So here lies the secret, a yin + yin just make things more yin or in other words much worse!!

There are many yin modalities of ‘healing’. Things like fasting, juicing, upwards moving meditation like kundalini, even a vegan diet, raw food diets, fruit diets and more. These are all yin and simply do not work as well at all today because of this law, as much as people try to defend them, unfortunately.

What’s needed therefore is a yang healing program to balance out the yin bodies of today. We need, for example,

– Hot cooked vegetables not cold raw vegetables and fruit.

– We need grounding downward moving meditation, not up in your head and eyes rolling back mediation.

– We need relaxation not intense exercise that wears the body out further

– We need dry sauna heat not cold ice baths that stress the adrenals…

and the list literally goes on and on…

This eventually creates a much better balance in the body and leads to healing. But in my case and many others not only did it lead to healing, it lead to deep permeant healing and the ability to fully thrive and not just pretend everything is ok with a band aided healing modality which tears at the seams as soon as a little stress is put on the person or they are away from their ‘safe space’. We don’t want that, that is surface level healing and doesn’t provide a foundation for you to thrive. After all, our true happiness comes from relationships, experiences, proper marriages, passion business and more. If a slight bit of stress knocks you off then in reality, we’re not truly happy.   

However, healing today unfortunately isn’t easy. We have been fed a diet of quick fixes, false hope and victimized mindsets. All of this needs to go. We are healing arguably the most complex entity in the universe and that does not happen overnight, it’s simply logic. It took me a few years of learning and healing but the journey is arguably more important than the destination.

The body is wise, it understands how to heal which brings us to another problem in today’s healing world. We do things upside down. Instead of creating an environment for the body to heal itself, we dig into things and rip things out. Psychologists try to rip out trauma from a body that can’t handle it, chelation therapy sucks out toxins from a weak malnourished body which stresses it further. You don’t fix a plant by sewing up the leaves. You fix the soil, the environment. This is how to heal; the body then will remove things and heal things IN ITS OWN ORDER. In fact, the body can heal mental trauma all by itself too. But it needs energy to do so, it is wise. It knows that trauma from childhood can’t come out without proper energy, it understands that the cadmium which has replaced zinc in enzyme sites can’t come out with chelation before more zinc is put in. This rip and tear out mindset further damages people and makes things worse.

You need to give the body what it needs and it heals itself. A simple way to look at this is to imagine camping in nature for a few months. You have changed the environment, you’re out in the sun, breathing fresh air, eating organic heirloom foods, away from radiation, drinking fresh spring water. How will you feel when you return? Much better I imagine! Why? because you allowed the natural environment to heal you. It is a similar process in nutritional balancing, we give the body what it needs and the body fixes itself in its own unique time and wisdom. I have spoken to many people who have made themselves worse by digging into things in the improper order, this unfortunately often causes even more burnout or even more trauma.

So, the trick is the fix the environment and remove all of the toxins and chemicals that have accumulated in the body. To do this you need a whole systems approach. Think of taking your car to the garage and asking for a full refurbishment, this is what your body needs.

We need. Excellent organic yang nutrition to nourish the body, remineralise cells and support the glands and organs for healing and detox.

We need a relaxed, laid back lifestyle, a perfect setup for healing. The body needs energy to heal and detox and the only way to do that is with a relaxed attitude to life.

We need new mindsets, a yang mindset of taking full responsibility for your life. Complete forgiveness for yourself and everyone who has hurt you for deep healing to occur.

We need healthy detox protocols, not ones that go in and rip out metals, but protocols that gently work with the body detox pathways. Ones that stimulate detox pathways and gently remove metals in their own time.

We need proper meditation, grounding, earthy, downwards moving energy mediation to keep us on the ground. Not upwards moving, spacey, kundalini type meditations that unground us and send us up in the head.

We need targeted supplementation. Not random supplements and herbs. We are all unique and require different supplements at different times.

We need healthy body work, like reflexology, deep tissue massage, chiropract and more.

These are the building blocks to health and freedom. Once the body is somewhat healed then we can begin to live a life of purpose and meaning. Meeting up with like-minded souls to be of service and to heal. We can thrive and build healthy family units and business, this is what we are hear for, not to fumble around sick and lonely in the ‘matrix’ of modern life.

This is just a snapshot of what it takes to heal deeply and permanently. It took me a while; our bodies are incredibly sick. The body needs to prepare for healing, dysfunctional relationships need to go, unhealthy jobs need to be replaced. A focus on healing and self-responsibility needs to take shape. A willingness to face your fears when they come up for healing is also important. Also, an understanding of healing and herxeimer reactions when the toxins that are holding you back start to be released.

It’s an incredible journey of self-reflection, understanding and seeking the truth. You begin to realise that maybe my illness was actually a blessing in disguise. Maybe it was teaching me important lessons. Maybe now I have the passion and the drive to go out and make a difference to the world and not contribute to its demise.

Nutritional Balancing helped me and I’m sure it can help you too! I am now a nutritional balancing practioner but there are 100’s worldwide!!

Keep the faith and pray and your yolk will be light!!

July 31, 2019
Development is not a substitute for regular medical care. It is not a means of diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure for any disease or condition, mental or physical. Instead, it is a means of reducing stress and balancing, strengthening and restoring body chemistry. When this is done, many health conditions improve by themselves.