• Ivan Garrison posted an update 1 year, 3 months ago

    There is no doubt that as you progress in your career into management, you are going to have to take on more responsibility and this can mean dealing with more stress on the job. If you are to be successful, you need to know how to handle stress and this can be tough especially when you are managing people for the first time. The pressure can seem to come from everywhere; from more senior managers whom you report to and also from staff members that you are in command of. It is a vital leadership skill to be able to thrive in these situations and if you can do that, you can expect to have a greater chance of long term success.One of the first skills you need to develop to make your role easier is effective planning and learning to focus on the important responsibilities that demand your attention. As a manager it is your job to get your team to do the work under your management and direction, so learning to delegate is essential. As such, you have to strike a balance between helping your staff members as well as making it clear when you do not want to be Mindfulness disrupted. You might need to educate your staff to your thinking on this matter, as well as call on more experienced and senior team members to offer help where they’re able to.There will be occasions when unpopular decisions need to be made and this may be because of situations that are outside of your control. Nonetheless, this can mean that you’ll have to deal with disgruntled members of staff which can be tough in the beginning. It will help you, knowing right from the start that not all your decisions will be popular, to prevent stressing about an incident too much. And in case you are truthful with people and disclose the material facts your reputation will be enhanced. Particularly with issues of conflict, it is best to reach resolution without delay and move on, forgetting any harsh exchanges that may have taken place. If you are working too long hours that is a sign that you are taking on so many tasks or not effectively managing your days. Work smarter, not harder, is a lesson you should learn to become successful and minimize the stress of your job. Consistently plugging away behind your workdesk is also a misconstrued virtue – it is healthy to get away every so often. Often times a problem might be weighing you down, so be sure to talk to somebody who can help for example a person in a more senior position. Their more extensive experience can guide you to an answer and equip you to address recurrences of a similar problem or situation.There is no doubt that you need resilience as a manager but if you focus on the right things and seek out advice when required, you should find that you can thrive on the stress instead of being weighed down by it.