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We live in the age of information and much of the time we find it difficult to disconnect from technology. Many of us run a business, many of us want to connect with others and it seams everyday there are new gadgets, gizmos and garments that all run on various bits of technology. Unfortunately this means more EMFs, WIFI, Bluetooth and more.  Many of us are in some sort of commitment to working with technology, sometimes in circumstances where they would wish otherwise.  Often we simply need to connect with others and stimulate ourselves with the endless array of information technology can provide us at the tips of our fingertips.

For the electrosensitive however this especially can be a daunting experience. Trying to juggle health, work and technology certainly has its problems. The author suffered from EMF sensitivity terribly and being a web and graphic designer obviously threw up many obstacles that they had to overcome.

This article aims to explain how I managed to work with technology and some tips and tricks on being able to comfortably work with technology and EMF.

Many people would argue that being an electrosensitive and also being a web and graphic designer is a silly combination and should be avoided. Its easy to say this to someone, however we all know that the reality of the situation is often much more complex. It was my passion, I was good at it, i could earn a relatively good income and I was able to stay at home. At the time I was in quite severe adrenal burnout and had heavy metal toxicity amongst other annoying caveats, at the time I was healing this common problem and it was important for me to take it easy and have flexible hours. I would urge all readers to take a look at adrenal burnout its no suprise to me that most tissue biopsy tests I have come accross all suffer from some degree of adrenal burnout, and what makes this worse is that this is general unrecognized and often completely dismissed in the medical world therefore often goes unoticed. This extremely common condition often caused by stress, poor diets, lifestyle, environmental toxicity etc needs to be investigated further.

The end of the story then was to work from home using a computer overall not ideal it was my safest and best bet. However there were still hurdles to cross…

The intense burning of my face and eyes behind any computer was crippling.

There were general tips I had come across to deal with this issue through talking to people and on the internet, some worked, some didn’t, some quite frankly were downright dangerous.

Below are a few things I picked up along the way and my comments and experiences about them.

-Sit far away and make the screen larger

This isnt a bad idea, you can still feel some effects to an extent. The issues with this obviously is the distance, if you have good eyesight you are at an advantage. I would recommend figuring out how to make your onscreen text larger if you opt for this option. You will need a large screen and preferably LED.

-Use a wired keyboard that you can extend

This goes hand in hand with the above comment. NEVER use a wireless keyboard and mouse, although more convenient we are trying to reduce the emf load as much as possible, so using WIFI or bluetooth to connect your keyboard  and mouse isnt such a good idea. You can also buy low EMF keyboards and mouses.

-Wear sunglasses or glasses to help reflect the electric feild.

This is quite good, and the EMF is reflected somewhat, however you are looking through dim glasses. You can use clear lenses and they will give off the same effect. This blocks out some of the electric field only which seams to be irritating to the eyes.

– Ground the computer

I find this one quite dangerous if your house isnt properly grounded and/or you have a high amount of harmonics in the room. When you ground your PC, external EMFs coming from appliances, walls etc will use your PC as the cloest thing to ground, invariably swamping the person near the computer with more EMFs. Not a good idea, I would recommend hiring an electrician if you are interested in this method.

-Ground yourself

Same as the above comment but even worse. If you ground yourself all stray EMFs surrounding you will now use you as the closest point to ground this can make things a lot worse. Ive tried this method and come off badly, I dont think anyone should be advising this without properly explaining the context surrounding it and when and whats needed in the environment for it to work properly.

-Use Ethernet

Using wires to connect to the internet is a surefire way of reducing your radio-frequency load. You can buy routers now where you can turn off the WIFI and just use ethernet, or you can plug your ethernet cable straight into the internet socket.


I  dont have much experience with crystals but I am told by a reliable source they work to an extent. They are natural so its worth a shot


This is same as the above, cacti are good apparently, again, it will cause no harm if implemented, plus you get a little greenery in the office which is always benificial.

These general tips and tricks were what I discovered when I first became electrosensitive. Some worked, some didnt. Being a web and graphic designer none of them were very good for me especially as I needed to see high resolution graphics clearly.

Below is a run down of how I use my computer now. I am happy to say that I don’t feel ANY effects from my computer system now.

-Use an LED projector

First thing I did was to use an LED projector screen. I bought one in HD however you can buy a cheaper version and they would work well for general computer use. I installed my projector behind me at a distance of about 3 metres from the wall. This gives me plenty of distance between myself, the projector and the screen infront. You can use either a laptop or PC and hook up your computer to the projector. I then used a wired keyboard and mouse.
You can place the laptop far away from you to minimise EMF. So now all you are looking at is pure light, no EMF and any EMF being shined from the projector lens is so far away (6 metres) it doesn’t have any effect on my eyes as the electric field it emits doesn’t travel as far. This worked great for me, however you can go a step further and build a faraday cage around your laptop/pc and your projector. Keep a small hole in one faraday cage for the projector lense. This is not perfect but it will still keep inside much of the EMF radiation. You can create a hinge on your faraday cage to take your computer and projector in and out. Remember to ground both faraday cages in order to keep ontop of the electric radiation!!



I also use a Memon device. I was really skeptical about them initially as most people are. However I took the plunge and bought a Memon device for my mobile phone. Previously everytime I used my mobile I got thyroid issues, burning skin, burning eyes and blurry vision. I added the memon device onto my phone and to my suprise it decreased a lot. I still could feel the effects slightly which I got told would happen and they should slowly decrease further. Which they did, I now can use my phone for quite a while with no detrimental effects. Again, many people would say dont use a phone, but its difficult I need to run a business and its what I need to do it. However I wouldn’t recomend speaking on the phone without using tubeless headphones. Memon keeps getting more and more great reviews from businesses, hotels and the public. They are one of the only companies I feel who have tested their product in a professional and scientific manner and released documentation, blood analysis and reports freely and openly to the public etc I can only provide people with what Ive found and heard from others I really feel they are a great product. Many argue just to stay away from technology which I have no problem for, but in terms of reality its difficult, so anything that genuinely helps when needing to use them is benificial.


The above information is only for people who have a necessity for working with technology, I even started work recently for a company in an office and told my employer that I needed to use a projector. They were fine about it and now I work happily in an office using a memonizerworkstation without  any problems at all. Socially I am much happier (working by yourself can feel very lonely) and so far Im not having any issues. Its important not to worry about asking your employer to meet your needs. Just ask, you have nothing to loose you are a powerful human being!

On the whole though I`d say stay away, however, biologically this may be harder than people think. EMF waves stimulate the adrenal glands. When people are under stress from waves the adrenals release adrenaline and cortisol and make people feel more alert, wired and awake at times. Some however are so burnout that the opposite can occur and they feel extremely fatigues when using this technology, this is a more severe form of burnout. Subtlety many people do not realise its their technology, so they carry on unaware, however subconsciously their body is craving their technology as a kind of boost to help them through the day. One other interesting issue is that EMF waves can cause candida or candidiasis (fungi) to grow more than 600% more when under EMF stress. This also will stimulate the adrenals and cause bodily stress. One issue with healing candida is that many do not realise is that you find it extremely hard to heal your candida without firstly healing your adrenals. I am a testament to this, living with candida since childhood. Once my adrenals recovered they were able to handle the candida infection properly.

May 18, 2015


  1. Cacti release negative ions which are supposed to be beneficial? However they appear to have a rather low vibrational frequency (aura) which may not be so good in the long run. Other more favorable plants and trees can be found in forests & botanical gardens. Yes some crystals are good.

  2. I was so sensitive and was able to create an entire spectrum of energy levels in nature. Birch trees turn out to be very high vibrational, as before my electrohypersensitivity i had allergy to birch, interesting contradiction. Still ones you leave and move your self from the forest you may be carrying the pollen from the trees this I can react negatively to and reduces the ability to fight EMFs.

    My spectrum included sea shells, seeds, herbs, Tea, Beans, food grains, crystals, plants & of course essential oils.

    I haven’t gone into great detail in every category mainly working with the crystals and their frequencies. Later I realized I needed to stop using my sensitivity in this way, as it became to overwhelming.

    Instead looked to ways to stop resonating with everything, and maintain my own energy field.

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