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I have started to compile lists of testimonials and kind words that have been sent our way. If you have a testimonial please email and I will add here.

There have been some notable changes so far though, which can only be down to the programme: hormonal issues such as pms has been greatly reduced, as have agonizing menstrual pains… Which are vertually gone! My cycle is flipping around in length but I’m sure it’s a sign it’s righting itself



I wanted to send you a note to say THANK YOU because had it not been for your video, I would have been wasting time and money finding solutions.

I have now limit my use of my cell severely, and there is no wifi in my apartment.  I was addicted to my cell phone ,constantly on social media etc.  

I still get some weird teeth pain and some other things, but that appears to be diminishing.

I feel SO much better. I was able to attend a festival with hundreds of cell phones all around me, etc and didn’t feel a thing.

I think I caught this early enough to remediate it…it was very scary. I watched some very depressing videos of people having to leave the city and so forth, some were crying…awful. I don’t know how much this program would help people who are in the advanced stages of that spectrum, but I cannot imagine what that is like :/

So anyway, much gratitude. Who knew your health struggle would touch and help so many people? Spirit works in amazing ways.

With gratitude,

Thank you Lewis. I just came out of four lows and am feeling so much better. Thanks for inspiring me to continue this journey!

I am still taking sauna 6 days a week. My weight is very good, my body is feeling more comfortable. I’m getting smaller and that is encouraging. My abdominal pain has decreased TREMENDOUSLY! Thank you Lewis, thank God for you.

Hi Lewis 
This is not a mail with questions 🙂 
I just wanted to let u know how grateful I am to you And how you are a god send to a lot of people 

The last few days I did not watch your videos and I watched random nb videos and I didn’t feel the same enthusiasm and hope that I did with you 
I just wanted to send you lots of love and gratitude 
Keep v logging 

I came to Nutritional Balancing after a lifetime of illness in hopes of healing multiple clinical
diagnoses and “permanent total disability”. Two and a half years on a program afforded me the awareness that my one great need was utter surrender to God. Not simply surrendering this aspect or that aspect but radical submission of my will for Thy Will. Although I had experienced much success, my mortal mind was still having difficulty letting go of those “happy dreams”.
Once my desire became unified, the prayer of the heart invited the Holy Spirit in. I asked for help. Soon thereafter, I experienced a three-night lucid dream journey. Each night addressed an area of unhealthy attachment in my life. As the dream event began, I assumed my position as the witness. I said to myself, within the dream, “Oh, I’m working out my issues here in safety”. As if
I had been granted a dress rehearsal in my mind. The experience felt like being gently rocked in the arms of our Creator, allowing what didn’t serve to simply bubble to the surface for release.
Any remaining fear that God’s Will was not my own dissolved.
For me, NB has been about returning home to my Real Self. I always knew my destination but I
needed a guide along the path. One wants a hand to hold when surmounting deep trauma retracing. Through the program, I am beginning to know self-love and healthy self-esteem for the first time. But the most beautiful element is watching the Light spread to others. I submit my highest recommendation for Dr. Wilson and Helpers’ Development Program.

Development is not a substitute for regular medical care. It is not a means of diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure for any disease or condition, mental or physical. Instead, it is a means of reducing stress and balancing, strengthening and restoring body chemistry. When this is done, many health conditions improve by themselves.